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The Irish Artists' Film Index is a resource for curators, gallerists, researchers and artists to help them find and highlight Irish artists' moving image works and experimental film.

It is a searchable online database with free access to key information and writing on visual arts-based moving image works by Irish artists/ artists living in Ireland and on subject matter relating to Irish history, politics, culture and society. Due to funding restraints, the film works themselves are located with the artists or thir agents

Spark Your Imagination

In his meditation on the art of observation, W. I. B. Beveridge insists it “is not passively watching but is an active mental process,”

— – professor W. I. B. Beveridge

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Works that have been documented in the Irish Artist's Film Index and are available in associated visual arts collections can be accessed here. Further information on lending and hiring the works can be found here.

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In this section we showcase examples of how works have been explored by our visiting curators. This illustrates some of the many ways there are of finding commonalities between works. It is aimed at those wishing to select works for exhibition or screenings from this ever growing body of visual artists' moving images.

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