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Subject to Weathering 2018

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In her survey of the works on the website and beyond, our Curator in Residence for 2018, Michelle Deignan, has selected the work of eight artists, covering the era from 1999 to 2018...

Michelle wrote ‘The works in this screening recognise the dichotomy between human time and earth time Flirting with the role of chronicler the artists all re-frame the material of the earth, exposing the substance of our interventions on the landscape and the images we make of them.’

The works in Subject to weathering are:

1 ‘Samurai’, Seamus Harahan 3 mins 40 secs, 2006

2 ‘Wilderness’, Claire Langan 7 minutes 2010

3 ‘Of oil and origin’, Caroline Doolin, 19 mins 36 secs, 2015

4 ‘Metronome’, Cliona Harmey 2 mins 1999

5 ‘How We Float’, Sarah Lincoln 7 minutes, 2014.

6 ‘with wind and white cloud,’ Dónal Ó’Céilleachair, 5 mins,


7 ‘Distance from Stone’, Michelle Doyle, 9 mins 30 secs 2018

8 ‘Detroit Park’, Julie Murray, 7 mins 33 secs, 2005.

This collection was screened at Studio 6 Templebar Gallery & Studios Dublin 2 on Friday 26th October 2018

Supported by Kildare County Council Arts Service, the Arts Council of Ireland and Visual Artists Ireland.
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