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Aoife Desmond is an interdisciplinary artist who works predominantly with film, drawing and sculptural installation. She exhibits nationally and internationally and has participated in several artist residency programmes including those at Islington Mill, Manchester; The Land Foundation, Thailand; Space Delawab, Belfast; and the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris. A co-founder and director of Experimental Film Club, Desmond includes collaboration and curation in her practice, having worked with the Plastik Festival of Artists’ Moving Images; the Cork Film Festival; and the Encounters Film Festival, Bristol.

Desmond’s work in the MExIndex, Passage Migrants (2013), uses narrative and background sound to provide counterpoints to the theme of a woman (Desmond) walking –wandering – along the Poolbeg peninsula. A different form of exploration is that of Desmond’s 16mm work, RetroReflection, filmed at the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) UCC Cork (, which examines the intersections between science, nature, art and architecture. This was screened as part of Desmond’s solo exhibition, Something Momentous Germinating (2017), which included drawing, sculpture, film and photography made over three years.

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