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Cityscape: Ruins of the Present 2017

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Cityscape - The ruins of the present

Curated by Rana Ozturk, (Screened at TBG&S Dublin 13/07/2017) 

 The 2017 selection of films which explores the change and flux of cities as a result of their constant destruction and reconstruction due to changing infrastructural requirements, commercial imperatives, and government policies. It aims to highlight the resulting challenges and possible gains to the urban environment and how that affects inhabitants and their surroundings as well as the individual and the collective memory of urban landscapes. (*For details of Turkish works, contact [email protected])

Dr. Rana Öztürk  was the curator-in-residence for 2017. Having lived and studied in Ireland for 9 years, she is very familiar with the Irish art scene. She is a lecturer at Istinye University Istanbul.

Supported by Kildare County Council Arts Service, the Arts Council of Ireland and Visual Artists Ireland.
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